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Friday, March 18, 2005

Archives again...

Don't worry, there's not THAT much left in the archives, unless I go digging around in the basement for the insanely thick wool socks I made as my very first finished project and the sad misshapen gloves that are my only intentionally unfinished project to date.

This is a photo that doesn't show off very well the Christmas stocking I made for my Dad several years ago. It was an excellent lesson in tension and gauge, in that I did both terribly. I declined to knit a gauge swatch, and the combination of using multiple colors (that is, bringing strands of unused colors along too tightly) and knitting so tightly I had to slide the stitches all the way down to the points of the needles to even be able to work them meant that the body of the stocking didn't have quite the give I was expecting. So I eased up for the rest, maybe a little too much, since the foot/toe turned out HUGE. I mean ridiculously huge. Fortunately the stocking doesn't have to fit anyone (except a pile of small gifts), so my newbie errors didn't result in an unusable project. And my dad loves having the biggest stocking in the family.

This is what the stocking was supposed to look like. If I can find a better photo of my dad's stocking I'll put it up so you can see the difference more clearly.


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