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Monday, April 25, 2005

X-back (take two) is finished!

I X-pected not to have any time this weekend to work on the X-back, so you can imagine my X-citement when I found some X-tra time and X-pediently went to work it. When it was finished, I tried it on, not knowing quite what to X-pect. I looked in the mirror. "It fits!" I X-claimed.

Turned out I was correct -- negative ease was key with the Deco Ribbon. In fact, when I was knitting it I was sure it would wind up WAY too small, but it seems to have worked out well. If you can forgive the (X-traordinarily) crappy quality of these pictures, you can see how it fits.

From the back. The rolls of shoulder fat are mostly the unfortunate result of the lighting.


At 4/25/2005 8:27 PM, Anonymous RedFlyer's Secret Pal said...

Nice Job!!! It really looks great, I'm impressed at how quickly you were able to redo it. And I LOVE the color choice! :)

I just checked the tracking on your package. There hasn't been any update as to where it is, since Friday, but the ETA right now is Thursday.

At 4/26/2005 6:26 AM, Blogger amylovie said...

It looks awesome on you. I hope mine turns out as well. I'm about half-way through the body. I plan to run waste yarn through it soon and try it on.

Have a great day,


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