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Monday, March 21, 2005


My Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles are in my possession! On Saturday morning I got up and, in a preview of what I believed would be the sort of interactions that would be dominating my life for the coming weeks, called the post office and got bounced around from department to department and eventually hung up on. Saturday's mail had already come, so that had made 5 days of no knitting needles since the original delivery attempt. I was mentally preparing myself for the reality of falling hopelessly behind in the Honeymoon Cami Knitalong when...what's that rumbling? Is that a truck coming up the road? Oh, I'm sure it's just a moving van or something. Wait, no, it's a U.S. Mail truck! But the mail already came today?!?'s's stopping in front of our house...the guy is walking toward our door with a small package that looks precisely the right size for a long-awaited set of interchangeable knitting needles...a special delivery just for me!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!

Okay, yes, I am aware that my level of excitement may seem to be out of proportion with this situation, but you have to understand that the backlog of projects that I couldn't start without new needles sizes was like a rushing river pushing against a dam. In this metaphor the dam represents the obstacle presented by my not having my knitting needles. When the dam finally broke (needles arrived), all of a sudden the waters of anticipation rushed over me I was free to start all my wonderful new knitting projects! (NOTE: I promise not to employ any more literary devices in this blog. Clearly I am not trained to handle them.)

So yesterday I finally got to knit numerous gauge swatches for the Honeymoon Cami, fail to get gauge every time, and finally give up and cast on with my best guess anyway. I'm starting over because I got pretty dramatic "ladders" (excess yarn between stitches) at the join on my circular needles on my first couple rows. I'm going to pay more attention to that this time, pulling tighter at that spot and trying a trick I've heard of casting on one extra stitch and then knitting two together the first time around. Pictures soon!


At 3/22/2005 7:30 AM, Blogger amylovie said...

Congrats! Your weight has been lifted.

Have a great day,



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