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Friday, March 25, 2005

Honeymoon Cami progress

Things are coming along on the Honeymoon Cami. I finished the waist shaping last night (the stockinette looks more even in real life than in this picture -- circular needles don't really allow flat, smooth sections to photograph). Unfortunately, SOMEWHERE I accidentally decreased an extra stitch (I'm fairly sure I didn't drop one -- I have looked very carefully), and I can't decide whether to rip out until I find it or just increase at a seam and hope it's inconspicuous.

Tonight I'm going, for the second time, to the Providence Stitch and Bitch. Then tomorrow I'm getting together with the friend who originally taught me to knit some five years ago and we're going to spend the day knitting, baking, talking, walking, etc. How womanly and domestic. I can't wait! So expect substantial knitting progress by Monday.


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